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New guidance for Geographic information systems for infrastructure asset management (C803)

Geographic information systems (GIS) have been widely used by environmental, scientific, geotechnical, survey and government planning communities, but less so in architecture, engineering, and construction until about the last 15 years. This recent change has evolved with greater demand for digital workflows and delivery brought about through government digital and construction sector policies and the need for the need for guidance that leads to greater efficiency and better design decisions.

The new guide is aimed at asset owners, engineers and other stakeholders involved in the life cycle of infrastructure assets, particularly those responsible for planning, design, construction, management, operations, and maintenance. Senior decision makers from a non-technical background; those responsible for GIS governance and organisations that are a part of a supply chain providing services to national infrastructure clients will also benefit from this publication. 

Helen Pickard, Group GIS Leader, joint lead author for C803 with Magda Wilczek, GIS Co-Lead for Buildings & Cities, Mott MacDonald  
commented “This guidance builds a picture of the benefits of using GIS and geospatial data for infrastructure asset owners based on real examples. In this time of digital transformation there are many digital terms and tools used, as authors we aimed to show how GIS can form part of the digital ecosystem supporting your asset management strategies and overall business delivery.”
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