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CIRIA announces new guidance for Archaeology and construction

CIRIA is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication Archaeology and construction: good practice guidance (C799). This guide provides a comprehensive update on managing an integrated archaeology and construction process to deliver significant commercial and public value.

Archaeology is a necessary and positive element of many construction projects, and the successful management of archaeology as part of construction is integral to sustainable development. Updating CIRIA’s C672 guidance Archaeology and development - a good practice guide to managing risk and maximising benefit, this new guide reflects technological and methodological advances, as well as changes in UK legislation and planning policy that drive the approach to managing archaeology.

The guidance also considers how the planning system expects archaeology to create public benefits in the form of new knowledge about the past, whilst providing a wide portfolio of social, economic and environmental gains. 
CIRIA will host a launch event for this new publication on 20 October 2021, so please do join us. 

C799 will primarily be of interest to clients, consultants, contractors, developers, project managers, master planners and project design specialists who want to understand the drivers and regulatory requirements for commercial success and social value gains when archaeology is involved.

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