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CIRIA announces new guidance for Non-destructive testing of civil structures (C798)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) can be used to inform and support the management of structures across all stages of their life cycle. It provides an opportunity to confirm that they have been constructed in accordance with their design and specification, and to detect and understand the severity and extent of defects while in service. In combination with other sources of data it can be used in the processes that safely and efficiently manage structural assets.

This guide aims to increase the awareness of NDT in civil engineering, allowing for industry to better realise its full potential by supporting a better-informed, and ultimately more successful, application of NDT techniques within the sector.

C798 will give asset owners, engineers and other stakeholders a level of background knowledge that will help them to understand the potential value of NDT and engage and communicate more effectively with specialists.

Leo McKibbins, Technical Director, Civil Asset Management, Mott MacDonald and lead author of C798 commented “This guidance will provide value to the engineering profession and help those responsible for designing, constructing, managing and maintaining civil engineering assets to communicate and work with NDT professionals more effectively to deliver better outcomes. The author team thanks CIRIA, the Project Steering Committee and a wide pool of other contributors who supported its development.”
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