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Administration fee introduced to download free CIRIA publication

Due to rising delivery costs, from 1st February 2024, CIRIA is implementing an administration fee of £25 when a CIRIA non-member requests a PDF download of a previously free CIRIA publication listed here in our online bookshop. This fee will apply to each title requested. 

CIRIA is a not-for-profit company. We receive no direct government grant funding for our activities. For many years we have provided a number of publications for free – this is unsustainable, given the costs of hosting, curating, answering queries, providing addenda etc. The administration fee has been introduced for CIRIA non-members to cover our operational costs.

If your organisation is a CIRIA member this fee will NOT apply, and members will continue to access the free publications at no extra cost via Allium (formerly known as IHS) online and the CIRIA bookshop as a benefit of their membership.

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a member, please email [email protected]