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The SuDS Manual (C753)

Full report and chapters updated on 11/11/2015.

Full CIRIA Report: The SuDS Manual C753 (lo res)


Part A: Introduction to the SuDS Manual 

Acknowledgements, foreword and contents (hi res)
Executive summary and introduction to the SuDS Manual (hi res)

Part B: Philosophy and approach
Chapter 1: The philosophy of SuDS (hi res)
Chapter 2: Introducing the SuDS design approach (hi res)
Chapter 3: Designing for water quantity (hi res)
Chapter 4: Designing for water quality (hi res)
Chapter 5: Designing for amenity (hi res)
Chapter 6: Designing for biodiversity (hi res)

Part C: Applying the approach
Chapter 7: The SuDS design process (hi res)
Chapter 8: Designing for specific site conditions (hi res)
Chapter 9: Designing for roads and highways (hi res)
Chapter 10: Designing for urban areas (hi res)

Part D: Technical detail
Chapter 11: Rainwater harvesting (hi res)
Chapter 12: Green roofs (hi res)
Chapter 13: Infiltration systems (hi res)
Chapter 14: Proprietary treatment systems (hi res)
Chapter 15: Filter strips (hi res)
Chapter 16: Filter drains (hi res)
Chapter 17: Swales (hi res)
Chapter 18: Bioretention systems (hi res)
Chapter 19: Trees (hi res)
Chapter 20: Pervious pavements (hi res)
Chapter 21: Attenuation storage tanks (hi res)
Chapter 22: Detention basins (hi res)
Chapter 23: Ponds and wetlands (hi res)

Part E: Supporting guidance
Chapter 24: Hydrology and hydraulics: design methods and calculations (hi res)
Chapter 25: Infiltration: design methods (hi res)
Chapter 26: Water quality management: design methods (hi res)
Chapter 27: Pollution prevention strategies (hi res)
Chapter 28: Inlets, outlets and flow control systems (hi res)
Chapter 29: Landscape (hi res)
Chapter 30: Materials (hi res)
Chapter 31: Construction (hi res)
Chapter 32: Operation and maintenance (hi res)
Chapter 33: Waste management (hi res)
Chapter 34: Community engagement (hi res)
Chapter 35: Costs and benefits (hi res)
Chapter 36: Health and safety (hi res)

Appendix A: Glossary and abbreviations (hi res)
Appendix B: Frameworks and checklists (hi res)
Appendix C: Design example (hi res)