Infrastructure and resilience series


UK infrastructure faces increasing pressures and risks vulnerability from a number of factors including; frequency & severity of natural hazard events; increasing dependence on services; larger populations relying on the same supplies; increased interconnections between networks; and un-coordinated & reactive response to events. Whilst there is an increasing focus on the resilience of UK infrastructure there are still a number of challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the long-term resilience needed.

CIRIA has committed to supporting our members in sharing knowledge and addressing some of these issues through a new series of events and workshops tackling “Infrastructure and resilience”. We will be hosting a number of seminars and longer workshops over the next 12 months with key infrastructure owners, operators, designers and contractors.

Infrastructure and Resilience Focus Group

CIRIA’s Infrastructure Resilience event series is being led and advised by a steering group of selected CIRIA members who collectively make up the Infrastructure and Resilience Focus Group with representatives including Gatwick Airport; Network Rail; Highways England; CH2M; Black & Veatch; HR Wallingford; Arup, Atkins and Temple Group. The group also comprises and engages with representatives from the Natural Hazards Partnership.

The formation of an Infrastructure and Resilience Focus Group has enabled CIRIA members to have direct influence and involvement on industry engagements and initiatives that would be delivered through the CIRIA events programme. This is aimed at empowering our members with the opportunity to lead on the exploration and discussion of approaches to resilience and identification of common challenges, widespread opportunities and good practices surrounding infrastructure resilience.

The matter of infrastructure resilience is of the upmost importance for those that are currently politicking; regulating; designing; specifying; constructing and managing our infrastructure services and built environment, including in academia where there are efforts to transfer research into practice.

Series overview & outputs

Assessing and planning for resilient critical infrastructure
20 October 2016, London
This event, the first in a series by CIRIA examining issues of infrastructure and resilience for the UK, introduced approaches to reducing the vulnerability of infrastructure to extreme weather and natural hazards; infrastructure adaptation planning; and embedding capacity and knowledge in organisations.

CIRIA Winter Reception
23 November 2016, London (exclusive Member only event)
CIRIA's winter reception provided an opportunity to meet and network with other CIRIA members and discuss our latest proposals, projects and publications with project managers. Our 2016 reception saw a Member spotlight presentation from HS2, focused on integrating resilience.

Finding a common approach to resilience
25 January 2017, CH2M offices, London
This workshop facilitated cross-sector discussion on the four components of infrastructure resilience, the practicability of high-level Government policies and harmonisation of common approaches to resilience.

CIRIA's Infrastructure Resilience series - the story so far (Members exclusive)
22 February 2017, Online
This webinar provided members with an update on the infrastructure and resilience series including insights and findings on assessing and planning for resilient critical infrastructure as well as defining standards and common approaches for resilience.

Infrastructure interdependence in practice
21 March 2017, London 
This webinar considered infrastructure interdependence and the assessement of interactions between third party-assets, knowledge of cascade effects and the management of interdependencies in practice.

Justifying investment in resilience
26 April 2017, Arup offices, London
The fifth instalment of CIRIA’s infrastructure resilience event series ‘Justifying investment in resilience’ examined the drivers for investing in resilient infrastructure and provided a platform for practitioners to share approaches to building robust business cases.



CIRIA set out to engage not only the CIRIA membership but the wider industry as part of this new series, in order to deliver a variety and dynamic-set of content generating activities. Explore the outputs and content from the series by signing in and clicking the links above.

CIRIA's infrastructure and resilience series will wrap up in early 2018 with a final event to launch a CIRIA review paper on the series and an action plan to raise awareness and develop further research in resilience practices. The event will be supported by a series of narratives from representatives of CIRIA's IRFG.

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