Local authority network on drainage and flood risk management (LANDFoRM)

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are key stakeholders in the sustainable management of flood risk and drainage. This network has been set up to disseminate good practice, research outputs and policy relating to sustainable drainage and flood risk management to planners and operational staff within LPAs.

The network also provides those working within LPAs the opportunity to discuss issues and challenges, share knowledge and new approaches to facilitate the identification of common solutions through events and the online forum. As a result, participants of the network are able to keep abreast of good practice and changes in policy, practices and research.

Network objectives

More specifically, the objectives of the network are to:

  • Provide a platform for sharing knowledge and experience: Network events provide a mechanism to improve communication within and between LPA planners and engineers and provide a forum for discussion and consensus building;

  • Enable focused communication between key stakeholders: Events will enable non-LPA key stakeholders (e.g. regulators, sewerage undertakers, developers, coastal groups) to liaise with LPAs on technical, policy and management issues relating to sustainable drainage and flood risk management;

  • Provide tools and support mechanisms: The network events disseminate information on good practice from practical research;

  • Ensure LPAs are kept updated on developments: The network provides a mechanism to ensure that LPAs are aware of developments in policy and research and consider/evolve their wider role within the sustainable management of surface water and flood risk.

  • Assist with implementation: The network focuses on disseminating information that supports the practical implementation of flood risk management and sustainable drainage.

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities: Discussions at the network events and the website will help provide clarity on the critical LPA function in relation to flood risk management and sustainable drainage and any potential overlaps or gaps with the responsibilities of other key stakeholders.

Network management

The LANDFoRM network is managed by CIRIA who's responsibilities are to host this website and make the necessary updates, as well as organising events and meetings. The network is open and accessible to all in order to promote ease of access to resources and especially knowledge sharing between individuals. However it is primarily designed for those working in LPA's.

A Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) has been formed to help with the more technical aspects of drainage and flood risk management. The membership of the SAG includes representatives from regulators, Government, sewerage undertakers, Local Authorities and professional institutions.

For more information visit www.ciria.com/landform for more information.