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The role of construction in achieving a low-carbon built environment
An Industry Leaders' Group Guide

The carbon challenge

The Low Carbon Construction Innovation and Growth report clearly sets out the challenges and imperatives for the construction sector to decarbonise construction. The report gives a number of recommendations as to how the challenge can become a reality within an industry as complex and fragmented as construction. There is a considerable amount of activity underway to address the opportunities and barriers identified.

There are many perspectives and issues associated with the carbon agenda and while many organisations recognise the need to act, deciding on the course of action and the first steps can be daunting. Challenges include the sheer breadth of the topic, the large number of active groups, the volume of available guidance, the range of stakeholders and drivers, and the complexity of the construction sector itself.

The Leaders' Group approach
Our approach to helping organisations has been to produce a series of briefings, each focussing on a particular aspect of the carbon agenda.These provide an independent and authoritative overview of a topic area, guiding organisations on the most appropriate course of action.

Importantly, the briefings focus on what can be done now and the key questions and options that clients, designers, constructors, suppliers and others should be considering.

The briefings not only provide a useful snapshot of where we are now, but also signpost to significant future developments.
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