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Good practice guide to using geophysics in ground

Good practice guide to using geophysics in ground

Good practice guide to using geophysics in ground investigation. A client's guide (C812)

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Near-surface geophysics represents a range of important and (often) underused tools that are integral to identifying variability and features in the subsurface, thereby informing targeted and representative ground investigations. Characterisation of this variability is based on measurements of different properties of the ground and can provide information both laterally across a site and with depth.

CIRIA C562, published in 2002, discussed in detail the application of geophysics in civil engineering. While the fundamental methods remain the same, advances in geophysical instrumentation, software, and methodologies mean there are certain aspects of that guide that were in need of an update, which this guide provides.

This publication is targeted at clients, contractors, consultants, and regulators considering the commission of or receiving a geophysical investigation as part of a ground investigation. It aims to provide an understanding of where and when to effectively integrate a geophysical investigation into the ground investigation process, highlighting what it can do and, where possible, the cost–benefits. The guide also gives an understanding of what to ask a geophysical specialist and what is being received, including guidance for recognising whether a geophysical specialist is competent. Examples of good practice in geophysical investigations across a range of applications and targets are given including where geophysics has been successfully applied.

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ISBN: 978-0-86017-956-6
Author: Usher, C, Stringfellow, M, Grossey, T
Number of pages: 199
Publisher: CIRIA
Date of Publication: December 2023

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