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Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite ...

Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite ...

Methodology for quantifying the benefits of offsite construction (C792F)

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Offsite construction seeks to move the construction process away from site and take advantage of efficiencies from manufacturing approaches and standardisation. It is portrayed as having the potential to improve the performance of the construction industry and deliver benefits on projects such as better predictability of cost and time, better quality, improved health and safety, and a faster construction programme. However, there is minimal objective evidence-based research that quantifies these benefits in a consistent manner, with many studies and reports noting perceived benefits or opinions of stakeholders.

This guide proposes a methodology for assessing project performance and outcomes that may be influenced by adopting offsite construction, with a focus on buildings projects. The boundaries of measurement are defined to ensure consistent and comparable results across projects. The reader is guided through the process of identifying the metrics for assessment and how these can be influenced by offsite construction in academic and industry literature. This guide also highlights the challenges that can be expected when assessing the performance of construction projects and developing robust benchmarks for comparison.

The proposed methodology is tested through the analysis of project data received on case studies in the educational sector, demonstrating how the metrics could be used to assess performance. It provides a template for evaluating project performance that can be used by clients and construction management teams to assess the value and benefits achieved on projects. This could be applied across different building sectors in the construction industry and adapted for infrastructure projects.

ISBN: 978-0-86017-897-2
Author: Jansen van Vuuren, T, Middleton, C
Number of pages: 102 (PDF)
Publisher: CIRIA
Date of Publication: February 2020

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