Code of practice for property flood resilience. Edition 1
Code of practice for property flood resilience. Edition 1

Code of practice for property flood resilience. Edition 1 (C790F)

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Property flood resilience (PFR) is an important part of the response to flood risk. PFR includes measures that reduce the risks to people and property enabling households and businesses to reduce flood damage, speed up recovery and reoccupation. PFR measures should reduce the amount of water entering buildings (known as resistance measures), or limit the damage caused if water does enter a building (known as recoverability measures).

This code of practice (CoP) is concerned with PFR measures that can be introduced to buildings at risk from flooding. Often these measures can be installed as part of the repair of buildings after they have been flooded. However, some property owners may wish to be proactive and fit measures in anticipation of a flood.

The CoP includes six standards that specify what should be achieved. These standards will be supported by comprehensive guidance on how the standards should be met by the following stages within the PFR delivery process. The guidance is provided in the CIRIA C790B Code of practice and guidance for property flood resilience, which will be published in 2020.

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Publisher: CIRIA
Date of Publication: December 2019


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