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Iron and steel bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial ...

Iron and steel bridges: Condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C664F)

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This guidance is aimed to meet the requirements of those with a general knowledge of bridge engineering and asset management and who need further information about the performances and specific requirements of iron and steel bridges.

The book aims to provide and explain good practice, offer guidance for general application and give a source of information relevant to iron and steel bridges. Examples of successful schemes are cited and described. Case studies are also provided of both successful and unsuccessful examples of repair and strengthening projects.

Keywords: sustainable construction, site management, health and safety, materials, materials technology, transport infrastructure, regulation, whole life costing, knowledge management, facilities management

ISBN: 978-0-86017-664-0
Author: Tilly, G P, Matthews, S J et al
Number of pages: 258 (free PDF)
Publisher: CIRIA
Date of Publication: November 2007