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AECOM joined the Hub as we are increasingly involved in ground investigation acting as Principal Contractor. This role demands that we drive a strong H&S culture. This goes hand in hand with seeking innovative ways to undertake investigations that are not only safer but provide better data, reduce overall programme and ensure best value for clients.
Peter Boyd, AECOM


Geotechnical Consulting Group are committed to providing the highest possible quality of service to our clients, and we work hard to ensure that the site investigation phase of projects is not neglected, but is undertaken in an efficient and effective manner to enable a true understanding of the site to be obtained. We look to use the most appropriate techniques to investigate a site, and are convinced that innovative methods and techniques do, and will continue to, play an important role in this respect.

Phil Smith, Associate Director, Geotechnical Consulting Group

Developers need our help to minimise in-ground costs. We are a geotechnical, contaminated land and remedial contracting consultancy and are working on collaborative innovations in aerial surveying and 3D ground modelling for the industry to portray complex ground issues to a wide range of disciplines and would like to share our findings. We also value the influence of CIRIA in bringing experts together to communicate the latest knowledge and innovations on a wide range of site investigation disciplines. Being involved in the project will help us to deliver the latest and best service to our client teams.

Kate Wooldridge, Director, T&P Regeneration