River weirs: design, maintenance, modification and removal

6 December 2016

This event launched new CIRIA guidance, River Weirs: Design, maintenance, modification and removal.

This good practice guide replaces guidance by Rickard et al (2003). Although comprehensive, lessons have been learned in terms of operational safety since publication, and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) 2000 has led to a greater focus on weir removal. Although the majority of work on weirs is still carried out to maintain the current function(s) of weirs, this guide leans heavily towards the alteration of weirs to benefit ecology, reflecting an industry need for greater guidance on topics such as geomorphology, environmental issues, alternatives to weirs and weir removal. Throughout the guide, the reader is encouraged to ask whether a weir is the best option and to consider weir removal as a preferable design option, should assessments show this to be feasible.

Speakers presentations: