As we continue to mark CIRIA’s 60th anniversary, we are shining the spotlight on our heritage guidance that continues to be widely used across industry in this webinar series.

This installment of the webinar series will feature the Beach management manual (second edition) (C685) which CIRIA published in 2010.

In this webinar industry experts:
outlined beach management policy, planning and strategy;
shared new tools and techniques in beach management including practical applications and
good practice; and
provided case studies illustrating beach improvement schemes sharing data and experiences.

Climate change is causing rising sea levels, increasing the risk of coastal flooding and erosion, putting farmland, property, infrastructure and natural habitats at risk. Beaches play an important role either as the sole barriers to coastal flooding and erosion, or as part of manmade defences. 

Beach management in the UK has evolved significantly in design and execution, motivated by increased expenditure on capital schemes aided by guidance from CIRIA’s Beach management manual, circa 1996. Over time devolved administrations have developed plans and strategies for managing coastal flood risk to increase resilience and minimise damage.