Our inaugural virtual conference focussed on the offsite sector and the opportunities for Modern Methods of Construction. With awareness of MMC continuing to grow, and as the sector navigates the current pandemic, this conference explored the benefits that MMC brings to projects across multiple sectors.

Buildoffsite’s inaugural virtual conference brings together emerging policy, strategy and practical approaches to meeting the challenges faced by Government, industry and supply chain. Focusing on MMC and offsite’s increasingly leading role in delivering vital infrastructure, housing and transport projects, the #buildingforimpact programme offers insight into the Client strategy, alongside opportunities to hear about the new ways industry is working to address old challenges.

BEIS will review The Construction Playbook, with insight into the focus on getting projects right from the start and how key policy changes will enable offsite. A briefing on the recently launched Smart Construction Network will outline how it enables easy engagement with experts in MMC for a range of businesses across industry. Systems engineering methodology will be shared to enable cross-industry improvements in the design and construction process. Additionally, a true showcase on how MMC is delivering permanent, positive transformation across sectors, and how we can steal the march on delivering Net Zero, and potentially negative, carbon targets. And last but most definitely not least, an opportunity to be among the first to hear the outcomes of a recent industry wide survey on offsite and the challenges and barriers to increased adoption.

Buildoffsite MMC Building for impact conference - Intro

Buildoffsite MMC conference: MMC at the centre of policy and strategy

Buildoffsite MMC conference: Designing to Deliver

Buildoffsite MMC conference: Decarbonaisation through quality