Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) with their potential to provide multiple benefits are recognised as a better approach than traditional drainage to managing surface water. However, the challenge of allocating responsibility for their long-term maintenance has held back progress.

The introduction of Water UK’s Design and Construction Guidance (DCG) in April 2020 should help overcome this challenge. The DCG replaces the Sewers for Adoption document and process, and sets requirements for SuDS to be defined as a sewer that may now be adopted by sewerage undertakers. Not all SuDS components can be defined in this way. However, sewerage undertakers may now potentially be another option for the long-term maintenance of some SuDS components for new developments.

This free webinar run in conjunction with CIWEM will provide an overview of the DCG, what it means for SuDS adoption and discusses how it can support the delivery of SuDS that also deliver multiple benefits. The webinar will be of interest to those working to plan, design and approve SuDS including flood risk managers, drainage engineers, landscape architects and developers.

SuDS delivery and the Design and Construction Guidance