The need to improve the quality of our local environment to create great places for people and nature underpins the delivery of SuDS that provide multiple benefits for rivers, streams and local communities.

In recent years Third Sector organisations like Wildlife Trusts, Rivers Trusts, Catchment Partnerships and others promoting a better local environment have become integral to SuDS implementation. These organisations can get support from SuDS specialists and as their confidence grows, they are now beginning to work with partners and the community to deliver SuDS in around communities, existing infrastructure and buildings like schools and community centres. The SuDS features delivered include wetlands, rain gardens and ponds. These are often relatively simple to replicate and provide opportunities for communities to be connected to water and nature and provide other benefits in terms of managing flood risk and water quality.

This susdrain event presented the opportunities and challenges being faced when Third Sector organisations deliver SuDS in different parts of the country. The seminar will also highlight the value of collaboration and the need for replicable SuDS features. Presentations will be provided by those working in Third Sector organisations and local authorities.