Webinar: Tower crane base and tie design

The CIRIA guide Tower crane stability (C654) published in 2006 promoted the safe design of foundations for, and use of, tower cranes through an improved understanding of temporary works design and health & safety issues. However, since 2006, significant factors affecting the design of tower cranes have changed. These include: 

  • implementation of Eurocodes and withdrawal of certain relevant British Standards 
  • design standards have been introduced, which include wind maps and directional application of wind, resulting in additional load cases 
  • loads provided by suppliers are provided in a format not envisaged by the 2006 guidance. 

This update aims to demonstrate how to ensure the safe design of tower cranes in response to changes post-2006. The guide will also highlight the potential for catastrophic events and reference the need for appropriate risk management activity, in light of a series of relevant accidents to tower cranes. The update is intended for clients, property owners, project managers, designers, contractors and crane suppliers.

The guidance is available for purchase via the CIRIA bookshop.