Progressing drainage to sustainable drainage in housing


While there is growing acceptance of the value and benefits of well-designed Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) there is still some work needed to progress from “drainage” to sustainable drainage. By using SuDS to mimic natural drainage we can achieve more than we would otherwise with traditional drainage, as SuDS provide benefits in flood risk management, water quality, biodiversity and amenity.

Moving beyond compliance of the English Non-statutory Technical Standards for SuDS (and its focus on flood risk management) significantly improves the quality of our housing, as well as our spaces and places.

Together with our supporters and partners we’ve been championing this approach for years and it’s encouraging to see Welsh Government mandate this in their SuDS Standards. While there are some potential challenges and concerns many of these can be overcome through early engagement, good SuDS design and effective integration of SuDS in the development. We can deliver more than a pipe discharging surface water to a pond – this webinar will explain how.

Integrated Design and SuDS - Sue Illman

Dispelling myths of SuDS in new housing - Steve Wilson - EPG

Examples of SuDS in new housing - Tim Jones and Jack Downing