Environmental risk analysis is often undertaken and assessed on a hazard-by-hazard basis. However, interactions between environmental hazards can generate impacts that are different to, or greater than, the effects of individual hazards. These interactions between multiple hazards can include:

  • one hazard "triggering" another (e.g. rainfall and landslides)
  • the consequence of one hazard "amplifying" the potential impact of a subsequent one (e.g. rainfall ground saturation and subsequent flooding)
  • compound, "coincident" hazards (e.g. high temperature and drought leading to water shortages)

The programme will include a summary of a review recently undertaken by BGS on research and industry practice in respect of multi-hazards. It will also introduce ongoing work commissioned by CCC on climate change multi-hazards.

This event, organised as part of the NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure programme, will highlight two projects from the programme.

The Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme (ERIIP) is a five-year, £5m initiative, which is driven by the needs of the business community and decision-makers. It provides sound evidence for the identification and assessment of environmental risks and their impacts on infrastructure, translating the latest research into industry-relevant outputs.

More information including a database describing all 50 projects is available on CIRIAs site:

And NERCs site: