2017 Roadshow - Hidden defects in bridges

CIRIA, in partnership with civil engineering specialists Freyssinet Ltd and provider of innovative infrastructure monitoring solutions Strainstall, will deliver four regional events across the UK, to promote CIRIA’s latest publication (C764) Hidden defects in bridges - guidance on detection and management

The Hidden defects in bridges roadshow will help those professionals involved in bridge engineering, inspection and management understand how to use CIRIA’s latest good practice guidance. It will also be a platform for learning and networking opportunities, possibly leading to continued engagement beyond the series. CIRIA partners, event hosts and invited speakers will present the latest good practices for assessing the risks from hidden defects, adopting emerging technologies that assist in their management and implementing structural repairs that can prevent the formation or mitigate their impact.

The launch event on 1 June 2017 at the M-Shed, Bristol will be hosted by Ramboll and the second event will be hosted by Arup (co-authors of C764) on 4 July 2017 at the Arup Campus, situated in Blythe Valley Business Park near Solihull. The third event in the series, hosted by CRL and Tony Gee will be held in Scotland on 27 September, with the final event taking place in London on the 22 November 2017.

To register for these events go to: www.ciria.org/events


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1 June 2017
Hosted by Ramboll


27 September 2017
Hosted by CRL and Tony Gee


4 July 2017
Hosted by Arup


22 November 2017
Hosted by ICE


Overview of C764

CIRIA C764 will be available to purchase in late spring 2017. The guide will provide methods on how to identify, investigate and manage known hidden defects, supported by well-documented case studies and comprehensive reference material. The guide is essential reading for all professionals involved in bridge engineering and management and useful reference material for those on the Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme or undertaking a graduate training programme.

The case studies demonstrate that hidden defects exist in critical bridge components and in some cases have threatened the safety of the travelling public – in extreme cases they have resulted in the collapse of bridges without warning. If the risk posed by hidden defects is not managed appropriately then the likelihood of encountering such failures will increase.

Common themes identified for management of hidden defects in bridge components include inspection, identification, maintenance and design. In addition, while currently only an emerging technology in the bridge industry, structural health monitoring systems offer great potential in assisting management of hidden defects.

To find out more about the guide or to order a copy visit the CIRIA bookshop at www.ciria.org/bookshop.

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