European Marine Sand and Gravel Group

EMSAGG membership

Membership offers organisations the opportunity to network and develop contacts throughout the marine aggregate and related industries across Europe, linking with suppliers, regulators, users and leading research organisations. It is a means of keeping abreast of current industry issues and emerging technologies through rapid exchange of information and access to current research, best practice and case studies. Also, EMSAGG provides an international forum to engage with a wide range of stakeholders, raising the profile of your business and allowing the opportunity to guide future international research and cross-industry initiatives.

If you are interested in becoming a member of EMSAGG, please contact Owen Jenkins, CIRIA for further information on or +44 207 549 3300

EMSAGG members

EMSAGG is overseen by a steering committee which meets biannually to review the work programme and discuss industry's issues and information requirements. Organisations from a number of European organisations and companies, resenting both the public and private sector, sit on the steering committee and also actively support EMSAGG through sponsorship and contribution. These include:
  • Brigitte Lauwaert, Directorate Natural Environment, Belgium
  • Christophe Matton, DEME Group, Belgium (at the website at the same line as MUMM)
  • Ilse Herpoelaert, FPS Economy, Belgium
  • Siegmund Schlie, Kiese und Sande Ostsee GmbH, Germany
  • Diego Paltrinieri, Arenaria Srl, Italy
  • Fedor Meulenkamp, Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V., The Netherlands
  • Ad Stolk, Rijkswaterstaat Sea and Delta, The Netherlands
  • Cees Laban, Chairman, Marine Geological Advice, The Netherlands
  • Ishak Kalkavan, Istanbul Dredgers Cooperative, Turkey
  • Emre Otay,  Istanbul Dredgers Cooperative / University Boğaziçi, Turkey
  • Claire Mellet, British Geological Survey, UK
  • Nick Everington, Crown Estate, UK
  • Mark Russell, British Marine Aggregate Producers Association (BMAPA), UK
  • Craig Elliott,  Environment Agency, UK
  • Owen Jenkins, Co-ordinator, CIRIA, UK          


  • Jonathan Kesteleyn, Ghent Aggregates, Belgium
  • Jorn Bo Jensen,  GEUS, Denmark
  • Koen Verbruggen, Geological Survey of Ireland, Ireland
  • Szymon Uscinowicz, Polish Geological Insitute, Poland
  • Sadik Kalkavan, Istanbul Dredgers Cooperative, Turkey
  • Daniel Leggett, DLEnviro, UK

CIRIA provides secretariat support to EMSAGG, including organising and producing
events, meetings, bulletins and managing the EMSAGG website. | +44 207 549 3300