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 European Marine Sand and Gravel Group


The European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG), established in 1998 by European professionals, is an independent body which draws together stakeholders from across industry, including dredging organisations, European Government departments and agencies, regulators, economists, resource planners, environmental bodies and academic as well as research bodies. EMSAGG provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and learning across Europe.

Marine sand and gravel continues to make an important contribution to the development of European economies, with demand expanding for numerous end uses. Planning to meet future demand, by ensuring long-term resources are available and responsibly managed, is an important factor towards achieving sustainable development at a European level.

To address this potential for increased demand around Europe, techniques for the investigation, development and management of marine sand and gravel require continuous improvement.

  • EMSAGG helps identify developments and information needs for the marine sand and gravel constituents, concerning all aspects of the industry
  • EMSAGG enables exchange of information on, and experiences of, the research, licensing, execution and monitoring relating to the extraction and use of marine sand and gravel throughout Europe
  • EMSAGG allows for the wider interest groups, such as clients, government, regulators, planners, economists and environmentalists to engage in sharing of information and discussion of the issues – particularly at a European level. Improved communication and understanding on the issues will be of benefit to all involved in marine sand and gravel
  • EMSAGG facilitates information and knowledge building visits to European countries, to discuss developments and information needs concerning sand and gravel and to identify specific EMSAGG initiatives
  • EMSAGG disseminates information to public and private marine sand and gravel stakeholders through bi-annual meetings, its bulletins, the web and its popular conference.

CIRIA provides secretariat support to EMSAGG, including organising and producing
events, meetings, bulletins and managing the EMSAGG website.
[email protected] | +44 207 549 3300