Resource Efficiency Knowledgebase


The Built Environment Knowledgebase was developed by WRAP between 2002 and 2014 in collaboration with the sector and trade bodies to help businesses become more resource efficient. WRAP’s work led to huge environmental change through the development and execution of initiatives such as Halving Waste to Landfill (HW2L) and the Built Environment Commitment.

WRAP has also been heavily involved in such iconic projects as London 2012, the Shard and Crossrail, ensuring that resource efficiency stayed at the forefront of innovative thinking. However, since the completion of Halving Waste to Landfill, WRAP’s funding for this sector has reduced and the programme closed in March 2014. Since then, WRAP has been in discussion with stakeholders in the construction sector to secure the future of the outputs of the Programme.

How are the assets being made available from the CIRIA website?

CIRIA have reviewed the Knowledgebase assets consisting of case studies, good practice guidance and reports and categorised them under the following headings:

- Business case
- Carbon efficiency
- Cost and benefit analysis
- Demolition
- Design for deconstruction
- Designing out waste
- Halving Waste to Landfill 
- Logistics
- Materials and Products
- Offsite construction
- Procurement
- Recycled content
- Refurbishment
- Resource efficiency
- Waste minimisation 

The assets are grouped according to the headings above and are accessible from the following sub-pages:

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What happens next?

Over the next twelve months CIRIA, with support from Build UK and CECA, will be engaging stakeholders across construction and the built environment sectors to seek their feedback on the Knowledgebase. This feedback will help to identify and prioritise those assets within the Knowledgebase that CIRIA and its Partners will seek to then update through collaboratively funded research projects with the support of a small Working Group.

 How can I get involved?

 There are three ways that stakeholders can get involved:

 1. Provide feedback on the assets within the Knowledgebase that they are using/ have used and would benefit from being reviewed and updated 
 2. Express interest in joining the Working Group to take forward review and update of prioritised assets
 3. Sponsor the update of prioritised assets. 

Who should I contact to find out more?

Please contact Sirio D'Aleo at CIRIA:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7549 3300