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Communication and engagement in local flood risk management (C751) and

Communication and engagement techniques in local flood risk management, companion guide (C752)

Communication and engagement in local flood risk management (C751) brings together vast experience and ideas that have been tried and tested.

It can be used at several stages of managing flood risk, from building engagement and awareness, and the preparation of a local flood risk management strategy or surface water management plan, through to recovery after an event, and benchmarking activities.

It will also be useful in identifying, engaging and working with people likely to be affected by flooding, or integral to its future management.

The guide will provide practical help to:
  • LLFAs
  • District authorities and other local authority (LA) organisations
  • Sewerage undertakers
  • Other RMAs
  • National government, national regulator and strategic bodies
  • Environmental regulators
  • Consultancies

Download the guide

In addition, the Companion guide (C752) will provide more details on the techniquies and their use.

Download the companion guide

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“Planning regulations should be delivering good flood risk management in new developments. However, it is often within existing developments and communities that the greatest challenges in local flood risk management can be found. These guidance documents should provide anyone managing local flood risk with the confidence to engage with communities and deliver approaches to effectively manage flood risks and wherever possible deliver other benefits and rewards for all concerned”
Paul Shaffer, Associate, CIRIA