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Delivering green infrastructure along linear assets

Delivering green infrastructure (GI) can provide multiple benefits that enhance the performance, efficiency and resilience of linear infrastructure assets and can reduce whole-life costs along transport, energy and water networks. C771 identifies good practice to support the integration of GI into linear assets and it is anticipated that it will support wider uptake of more sustainable and resilient approaches to infrastructure planning. Effective planning and management of GI for new-build linear developments and retrofitting into existing linear assets will also deliver ecosystem services for wider environmental, economic and social benefits.

This Phase 1 Executive Summary and C771 Scoping Study has been developed into Improving the performance of linear assets through green infrastructure. Main guide (Phase 2) (C772F)

These documents aim to support clients, commissioners, strategic delivery organisations and operators, planners and professional consultants, by highlighting examples of good practice on implementing green infrastructure along linear assets. 


 Download a free copy of the Executive Summary


  Download a free copy of the Scoping study

   Download a free copy of the Main guide. Phase 2.