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Responding to the lessons learnt from flooding (RP1031)

The aim of this project is to understand how organisations have successfully responded to flooding events and have embedded the good practices, knowledge and experiences across their business. Specifically;
  • CIRIA will consider the organisational factors (i.e. governance, culture and communication) that can enable or constrain the transfer and embedment of learning. Relevant case studies and appropriate learning will be presented.
  •  CIRIA will gauge how infrastructure owners and their supply chain have taken up recommendations from CIRIA C688 Flood resistance and resilience of critical infrastructure, published in 2010.
The project covers all sources of flooding, from rainfall-related surface water flooding to river, groundwater and coastal flooding, including a think-piece on cross-sectoral organisational learning models from incidents of a similar magnitude to that of flooding. This project will draw upon published literature and other relevant information from published/unpublished case studies. Consultation exercises (including a project workshop and questionnaire) and advice from practitioners with specialist knowledge or experience will support the study.


Information gathered from desktop studies, interviews and a project questionnaire/workshop will be analysed and compiled into a concise, easy to read project report that presents the context, challenges, opportunities, critical success factors and overall key recommendations to embedding learning from flood events across an organisation.

Project status

Funders: Environment Agency, Highways England, Gatwick Airport, Transport for London, Scottish Water, National Grid and Network Rail. 
Lead researcher: John Dora, John Dora Consulting Ltd
Timeframe: January 2016 - September 2016

Update: May 2016 
CIRIA are developing a short, investigative study into how infrastructure owners (and their supply chain) learn from flood events and embed any accrued good practice, knowledge and experience across their businesses. A number of consultation exercises are being utilised for this study as we are seeking wide contribution from the infrastructure community, including academics, the supply-chain and specialist organisations. Those interested in this area of work are very welcome to contribute to this significant study by completing the project questionnaire.  

Further information
For more information and to get involved please contact Lee Kelly.