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SuDS Manual update (P3256)

The SuDS Manual (C753) has been the core industry reference for SuDS implementation since the original version was published in 2001. The SuDS Manual is a central reference in Scottish, Welsh and English regulations as well as in industry training  and guidance.

The SuDS Manual was significantly updated in 2007 and 2015; a 2024 edition is proposed. 

The forthcoming implementation of Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act (2010) in England will require robust guidance for all SuDS stakeholders, both existing and new. This should  include how to meet new standards, with frameworks for both design and approval processes.  

To provide effective detailed support, the updated SuDS Manual will embed new standards and mechanisms for delivery. It will include academic and industry advancements and learning from Wales following its implementation of Schedule 3 in 2019 and detailed review in 2023.

The updated SuDS Manual will be delivered to coincide with the implementation of Schedule 3 in England. Funding is sought from industry stakeholders. Contributors will benefit from:

  • Evidence of though leadership through involvement in the project steering group.
  • The opportunity to provide good practice case study material for publication.
  • Full acknowledgement within the updated SuDS Manual.

Project status
This proposal is currently fundraising and seeking industry support.

Further information

For further information download the full proposal below and to get involved, please contact Adrien Baudrimont at CIRIA.