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Turning research into innovation

With ever-tightening budgets, and increasing international competition and opportunities, the need to maximise the benefits of research becomes increasingly important.

The importance of research in developing new knowledge and understanding, and in technically underpinning new  practices (innovation) has long been recognised. However, the translation of this knowledge into usable tools or guidance that enables such innovation has received increasing focus in recent years. Many organisations have developed practices that enable them to influence and exploit research, enabling them to innovate.

Construction is a complex multi-disciplinary industry. But while many of its challenges might rest within particular disciplines (e.g geotechnical), or others are associated with particular types of structure or assets (e.g. railways)  many  issues relating to the commercial, technical or environmental process are common.   
This survey seeks feedback on how organisations approach research and innovation. It seeks, in particular, organisations’ views on their approaches from identifying and prioritising research, procuring or undertaking activities through to using the outcome to innovate.

The survey should take no more than 10 mintues to complete.