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Newly revised Culverts training available now

CIRIA is delighted to announce dates for the much awaited and newly revised Culvert, screen and outfall training this spring.

The design and operation of culverts, screens and drainage outfalls is critical to effective flood risk management and drainage. Inadequate design can lead to unintended consequences such as flooding and environmental damage.

Based on the recently published Culvert, screen and outfall manual (C786), the training course provides guidance on the whole-life cycle of these assets recognising there is an enormous stock of them of various types, sizes, age and condition.

Jeremy Benn, co-author of CIRIA guide, Executive Chair - JBA Consulting and CIRIA trainer commented: 'Every culvert, screen and outfall is unique in some sense. While there are common principles, it is important a system and risk-based approach is taken and this course will cover these as well as the core design and operational principles of these important assets. The course will provide a clear overview of the changes with the new CIRIA manual including the reasoning behind them.’

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