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NERC projects - Delivering Green Infrastructure (GI) in the UK

Two NERC projects addressing a lack of GI in the UK have been completed. The projects, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), highlight opportunities to include or improve GI alongside grey infrastructure, as well as support the decision making process.

The projects, Implementing GI Approaches to River Engineering Protection Measures, led by HR Wallingford and A Decision Framework for Integrated Green Grey Infrastructure (IGGIframe) led by The University of Glasgow and University of Oxford; focus on fluvial, coastal, urban and historic built environments and point to innovative opportunities to alter practices, change methods or select different materials to incorporate habitat in new build, repairs, improvements and to retrofit.

The findings from these projects were disseminated at a CIRIA event held earlier this year. This information has now been collated and the outputs, including event presentations and reports, are available on the CIRIA website here.

Click here to view the project outputs.