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Community of Practice – Managing Construction Risk (MCR)

Following the launch of a new Community of Practice for Managing Construction Risk (MCR) in 2021,  CIRIA has brought together hundreds of practitioners from construction and insurance sectors with a common aim of improving the management of risk and financial performance. Over the next three years this CIRIA Community of Practice (CoP) will help deliver focused collaboration and enhance knowledge transfer in risk management  The community has already held a series of network events, providing integrated resources within a dedicated point of reference .  This new CoP will also examine some of the challenges related to contract works, project insurance, design risk and PII. 

In May 2022 we'll host our next webinar evaluating industry guidance on water damage risk management. Invited speakers include CIREG and BESA who will provide a summary of their guidance on managing the risks of water damage. The webinar will cover the challenges and practical solutions as well as highlighting the client/contractor/insurer/broker/legal perspectives.

Other webinars being developed include:

19 July (tbc)
Risk of using innovative materials

22 September (tbc)
Offsite construction risk management

17 November (tbc)
Responding to fire safety developments

If you would like to make a contribution to the webinars and/or join the community of practice please contact Dirk Vennix at CIRIA.