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Help develop SuDS guidance for different sectors

The Greater London Authority has commissioned CIRIA, Business in the Community (BITC) and Robert Bray Associates to develop concise and engaging guidance to support the better management of rainwater for buildings and surrounding estate for different sectors through the use of SuDS.

The guidance will inspire, inform and influence those that are responsible for managing buildings, estate and landscape in the sectors below. It will encourage the delivery of SuDS by showcasing appropriate SuDS components, their benefits and provide some useful advice on how to effectively fund and include them around buildings and estates relevant to the sectors.

The Project Team has developed a number of surveys to capture knowledge, experiences, images and case studies of SuDS delivery in the different sectors. The sectors being considered are listed below with links to the survey:

1.            Education (schools and tertiary education) - survey link

2.            Social housing - survey link

3.            Health (mainly hospitals, care homes) - survey link

4.            Open space/recreation - survey link

5.            Retail - survey link

6.            Offices - survey link

7.            Industry (warehouses, factories, manufacturing, depots etc) - survey link

As well as capturing useful information, completing the surveys will provide a unique opportunity to showcase any relevant work you’ve delivered within these sectors.

Each survey takes no more than 10 minutes; please complete the surveys relevant to your experience and interest in the delivery of SuDS then share it with your colleagues.

For further information please have a look at the project overview.