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CIRIA welcomes Zero Waste Scotland to Membership

CIRIA is pleased to welcome Zero Waste Scotland to membership.

From gathering evidence and informing policy to motivating practical behaviour change in organisations. Zero Waste Scotland brings their knowledge and research of circular economy and material resource efficiency to CIRIA membership, looking to work together to encourage fellow members and the wider industry to modify their approach to construction and embrace the principles of circular economy. 

Clive Bowman, Project Manager Comments: “The construction sector has a critical role to play if we are to meet our national waste and climate change targets. At Zero Waste Scotland we are working with the industry to embed the principles of a circular economy where everything is valued and nothing is wasted, in every stage of the construction process from design, planning, procurement, building, asset use and end-of-life. Partnering with CIRIA, we combine knowledge and skills to deliver research and encourage the sector to adapt and integrate circular economy principles and material resource efficiency in building and infrastructure.”

To find out more about Zero Waste Scotland click here.
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