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Re-using poor marginal soil within geosynthetics reinforced slopes and walls
Nico Brusa, Maccaferri, suggests current design guidelines are very strict on the range of fill materials that can be used in reinforced soil slopes and structures which limits innovation in engineered slope design...
Would constructing smarter slopes now reap future benefits?
Richard Garland, Pre-Construction Manager, BAM Ritchies, says the industry must decide whether a move towards “smarter”, more actively monitored slopes and earthworks would pay dividends in the future ...
A Call for Detailed Rock Slope Guidance
Adrian Koe and Thomas Clifford, Atkins, suggest guidance for rock netting is not keeping pace with technology and new best practice developments. They suggest this should be a future priority area for CIRIA research.
A new CIRIA approach for learning and sharing information about site investigation
CIRIA’s Joanne Kwan shares some thoughts about a new forum for professionals to share and exchange information on site investigation.
CIRIA – evolving and adapting to changing environments and industry needs
Goodbye and good luck from Doug Waters
Doug Waters, the outgoing Chairman of CIRIA’s member council, reflects on some of the success and challenges of his four year tenure.
The best things in life involve getting a bit dirty
Colorado Goldwyn, EQ Consultancy Ltd, on behalf of RG Group discusses the Award winning project that captured the 2017 BIG Biodiversity Challenge judging panel’s imagination.
How Peter Irvin saved Burj Khalifa from the Wind
Hobbes S Sujith of Advenser discusses how a renowned engineer came up with three aerodynamic improvements for the world's tallest building.
Is digitisation of the construction industry such a big challenge?
Neil Thompson of Atkins and Digital Build Britain suggests two approaches to help drive digital transformation.
Sustainable cities: Is there a future? A report from the audience
CIRIA competition winner and recent graduate Chloe McFarlane provides an overview of CIRIA’s recent annual debate on sustainable cities.
Air pollution's influence on sustainable cities
Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge, on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the influence of air pollution on sustainable cities.
Launch of CIRIA responsible sourcing handbook
Dave Knight Sustainability Advisor for CARES, UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels and the Founding Director of One Planet Limited discusses the launch of CIRIA handbook Responsible Sourcing - A Handbook for the Construction Industry
Is the future of Cities green?
Professor Steffen Lehmann on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the growing pressures on our cities, public spaces and infrastructural systems.
Technology for an urban future
Peter Madden OBE, CEO FutureCities Catapult blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
How to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing
Ian Nicholson, Managing Director at Responsible Solutions discusses how to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing ahead of CIRIA's Minimising Risk through Responsible Sourcing - A Handbook for the Construction Industry launch event next week.
What is a city
Malcolm Smith, Arup Fellow and global leader of masterplanning and urban design discusses cities and their complex and contradictory nature.
'Do one thing' for biodiversity for a healthier and more sustainable future
Jon Murcott, Breakthrough Community Enterprise/ Nationwide Forestry Solutions, and winner of the Maintenance and Management Award and Overall winner of the 2016 BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards urges you to 'do one thing' for biodiversity...
Infrastructure interdependencies: Opportunities from complexity
In the lead up to CIRIA's Infrastructure interdependence in practice event on March 21, Dr Darren Grafius, explores how interdependency can be seen positively and exploited to build resilience and sustainability in today’s global infrastructure syste
Asbestos in soils: What does 2017 have in store?
Dr Richard Ogden (LQM) and Dr Paul Nathanail (LQM) discuss the latest initiatives and guidance relating to asbestos in soil and provide insight into what's in store for 2017.
Delivering low carbon infrastructure
Mark Edwards, Sustainability Advisor at the UK Green Building Council, sets out the different approaches to delivering low carbon infrastructure from across the infrastructure value chain.
Asset deterioration and degradation modelling of earthworks
Iain McKenzie, Principal Geotechnical Engineer from the Welsh Government, provides his own perspective on the challenges, needs, and opportunities associated with asset deegradation modelling of earthworks.
Leadership required to address the modern slavery challenge
Quintin Lake, Research Fellow, Hult International Business School discusses the need for leadership to tackle Modern Slavery in Construction...
The future of cities matter
Ruth Hynes, Project Manager at CIRIA, provides a summary of CIRIA's recent annual debate on the future of sustainable cities.
Biodiversity Net Gain is the next big thing
Julia Baker, Biodiversity Technical Specialist at Balfour Beatty discusses the business case for Biodiversity Net Gain
Addressing the skills gap
Carine Guenand, Head of Sustainability for NAWIC London & South East Region and Design Manager for Skanska UK reviews CIRIA's summer 'Addressing the Skills Gap' event ...