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The urban regeneration of existing cities
William Gates, CIRIA Network Manager, discusses some of the 21st Century challenges in regenerating our existing cities by balancing economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion.
Royal IHC and the world of marine aggregate dredging
Ahead of the 2018 Marine, Sand & Gravel Group Conference 'Beyond the horizon' meet one of the conference supporters Royal IHC.
Regenerating the UK’s post-industrial cities
Professor Steffen Lehmann suggests optimistic, high-level guiding strategies as principles of good urbanism are needed as the basis for any urban regeneration project.
Infrastructure interdependencies: Opportunities from complexity
In the lead up to CIRIA's Infrastructure interdependence in practice event on March 21, Dr Darren Grafius, explores how interdependency can be seen positively and exploited to build resilience and sustainability in today’s global infrastructure syste
A Call for Detailed Rock Slope Guidance
Adrian Koe and Thomas Clifford, Atkins, suggest guidance for rock netting is not keeping pace with technology and new best practice developments. They suggest this should be a future priority area for CIRIA research.
Goodbye and good luck from Doug Waters
Doug Waters, the outgoing Chairman of CIRIA’s member council, reflects on some of the success and challenges of his four year tenure.
Is digitisation of the construction industry such a big challenge?
Neil Thompson of Atkins and Digital Build Britain suggests two approaches to help drive digital transformation.
Leadership required to address the modern slavery challenge
Quintin Lake, Research Fellow, Hult International Business School discusses the need for leadership to tackle Modern Slavery in Construction...
Providing gains for biodiversity - one year on
Matt Tompsett, Environmental Solutions Manager at Kier Highways blogs on winning the BIG Challenge 2015 and providing gains for biodiversity.
Climate Change adaptation- Sustainability is essential and makes business sense!
Rhian Locke, Principal Consultant, Temple Group, blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
Driving the Vision - a CIRIA synopsis
An overview and synopsis of key learning points from CIRIA's exclusive member event - 2025: Driving the Vision, by Owen Jenkins, Director, CIRIA.
Dowling Review highlights gaps in academic-business collaborations
The Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations, released in July 2015, examined how Government can better support the development of effective collaborations between businesses and university researchers in the UK.
Reducing carbon reduces costs – The Green Construction Board 3 year-on report
The Green construction Board launched their ‘Three Years On Report’ last week at Ecobuild, London with addresses and a panel Q&A with key members of the Green Construction Board and its subsidiary panels...
CIC 2050 Group national survey results
What inspires you to work in the construction industry? What does the future of construction look like to you? What are the challenges and opportunities facing the future of our industry?
Biodiversity at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Our recent biodiversity focused site tour of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park brought together a group of ecologists, engineers, contractors, consultants, academics, with plenty of enthusiasm...
ICE – Delivering Infrastructure for Less: Effective design and procurement
Lee Kelly, CIRIA Assistant Project Manager, provides an overview of the ICE ‘Delivering Infrastructure for Less’ series...
Infrastructure is the best gift that we can give to society
On 19 June, CIRIA hosted an event at the Barbican entitled “Innovators of tomorrow’s infrastructure”...
Improving construction sites through environmental good practice
Philip Charles, CIRIA project manager, explains more about CIRIA’s ongoing work in providing site-based environmental good practice guidance for construction...
The UK’s Infrastructure Innovation Landscape
The recent announcement of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) ‘smart tunnel’ installed with cutting edge sensing technologies...
Industrial strategy progress report: early successes and future priorities
‘Industrial strategy: government and industry in partnership - progress report’ was published by Government in April 2014...
Sir John Armitt & Royal Academy of Engineering report calls for more innovation in infrastructure...
The report presents the findings of series of workshops that drew together civil servants and senior figures from a wide range of industry sectors...
Transport infrastructure drainage – not just a pipe!
A ground-breaking new publication, Transport infrastructure drainage: condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C714), offers CIRIA’s response to pressing industry issues and new guidance in this industry topic...
Accessing knowledge for sustainable construction
On 4 June 2013 a joint CIRIA Network, UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) and IEMA, seminar was held in London...
CIC present Government with Offsite Housing Review, Feb 2013
The final report of the Offsite Housing Review Group was presented to Government on 28 February...
Infrastructure systems: interdependencies & resilience
National infrastructure systems (energy, transport, water, waste and ICT) in advanced economies face serious challenges...