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A19 Roadside Improvement
Richard Stelling, Sir Robert McAlpine, on winning a 2018 BIG Biodiversity Award and his wildflower epiphany.
A review of the CIRIA Network in 2018
William Gates, CIRIA Network Manager, reviews the 2018 events and content programme and discusses plans for the year ahead.
What do we need in order to achieve Circular Economy in construction?
Former CIRIA Environment Project Manager and sustainability consultant Kimberley Lasi on what we must address as an industry in order to effectively implement circular economy principles.
A huge win for Thurso South project
Francis Williams, Environmental Project Manager, Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks on winning three BIG Biodiversity Awards
SuDS on linear assets
Jim Herbert, ABG Geosynthetics ltd, on introducing sustainable drainage practices to linear assets such as Highways and Railway.
An opportunity to shine
Tom Butterworth, Technical Director, Biodiversity, WSP and member of the 2018 BIG Biodiversity Challenge and Awards judging panel, explains the importance of the Challenge and gives praise to development projects and their site personnel.
The urban regeneration of existing cities
William Gates, CIRIA Network Manager, discusses some of the 21st Century challenges in regenerating our existing cities by balancing economic growth, environmental protection and social inclusion.
Royal IHC and the world of marine aggregate dredging
Ahead of the 2018 Marine, Sand & Gravel Group Conference 'Beyond the horizon' meet one of the conference supporters Royal IHC.
Regenerating the UK’s post-industrial cities
Professor Steffen Lehmann suggests optimistic, high-level guiding strategies as principles of good urbanism are needed as the basis for any urban regeneration project.
Infrastructure interdependencies: Opportunities from complexity
In the lead up to CIRIA's Infrastructure interdependence in practice event on March 21, Dr Darren Grafius, explores how interdependency can be seen positively and exploited to build resilience and sustainability in today’s global infrastructure syste
Air pollution's influence on sustainable cities
Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge, on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the influence of air pollution on sustainable cities.
The future of cities matter
Ruth Hynes, Project Manager at CIRIA, provides a summary of CIRIA's recent annual debate on the future of sustainable cities.
Connecting people and wildlife - have a go
Ian Boyd, Arc Consulting, winners of the BIG Challenge Small Scale Permanent Award 2015 blogs on connecting people and wildlife.
Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral
Suzanne Simmons, Project Manager, CIRIA, blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
Major new Crossrail initiative to share lessons learned with the wider industry
The Crossrail Learning Legacy is an initiative to share with the wider UK infrastructure industry the insights from Europe’s largest construction project. The Learning Legacy seeks to collate knowledge and share good practice on all facets of the
The future of construction: progress towards Construction 2025
The joint government and industry strategy Construction 2025 launched in 2013, outlined a series of visions and targets for the construction industry in terms of lowering emissions and increasing value and efficiency...
Responsible sourcing
The construction industry is realising the need to minimise the impact that construction and the supply chain have on resources and the environment, both in the UK and all over the world...
Engineering an integrated network – report from ICE Rail conference 2014
Last week, members of the CIRIA team attended the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Rail conference 2014...
Industrial strategy progress report: early successes and future priorities
‘Industrial strategy: government and industry in partnership - progress report’ was published by Government in April 2014...
ICE Infrastructure Carbon Review Lecture 2014, UKGBC Embodied Carbon Week 2014
As part of the UKGBC Embodied Carbon Week #ebc2014, members of the CIRIA team attended the ICE Infrastructure Carbon Review Lecture 2014...
CIRIA within UK construction and civil infrastructure asset management community
One of the many benefits to those involved with CIRIA’s work, is the variety of conferences, events, panels and steering groups which its staff and members are involved...
Fundamental Truths – Low-carbon design in UK construction
Fundamental Truths is a tool which aims to share experience gained in developing and delivering low carbon designs through an interactive diagram linked to a series of case studies...
Call for participation - Defra survey
Defra’s Sustainable Development Statistics team is calling for feedback on the Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs), a set of cross-Government indicators relating to the economy, society and environment...
Transport infrastructure drainage – not just a pipe!
A ground-breaking new publication, Transport infrastructure drainage: condition appraisal and remedial treatment (C714), offers CIRIA’s response to pressing industry issues and new guidance in this industry topic...
CIRIA Member Day 2013: The Industrial Strategy in Practice
On 16 May 2013, CIRIA hosted its annual ‘Member Day’ with an evening reception at the Royal Society and keynote presentations from Peter Hansford and Prof John Connaughton...