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New online learning for dealing with Non-licensed work for Asbestos in soil
Joanne Kwan, CIRIA project manager provides an overview of the new online learning course.
The value of monitoring in our lives
Peter Sparkes, AECOM Associate director and co-author of CIRIA guide C788 outlines the value of monitoring in our lives.
Asset deterioration and degradation modelling of earthworks
Iain McKenzie, Principal Geotechnical Engineer from the Welsh Government, provides his own perspective on the challenges, needs, and opportunities associated with asset deegradation modelling of earthworks.
Urban trees delivering sustainable water management
Kate Halahan, Trees for Cities blogs on urban trees delivering sustainable water management and the BIG Awards 2015.
Delivering for communities through a BIG partnership
Helen Spring, Project Coordinator of the Lost Effra Project, London Wildlife Trust discusses winning the BIG Challenge and delivering for communities.
Air pollution's influence on sustainable cities
Professor Paul Linden, University of Cambridge, on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the influence of air pollution on sustainable cities.
What is a city
Malcolm Smith, Arup Fellow and global leader of masterplanning and urban design discusses cities and their complex and contradictory nature.
View from Peter Head - Adaptation without Mitigation is Immoral
Peter Head CBE FREng FRSA, CEO Ecological Sequestration Trust blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
How to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing
Ian Nicholson, Managing Director at Responsible Solutions discusses how to minimise risk through Responsible Sourcing ahead of CIRIA's Minimising Risk through Responsible Sourcing - A Handbook for the Construction Industry launch event next week.
Is the future of Cities green?
Professor Steffen Lehmann on CIRIA’s forthcoming debate focused on the growing pressures on our cities, public spaces and infrastructural systems.
Providing gains for biodiversity - one year on
Matt Tompsett, Environmental Solutions Manager at Kier Highways blogs on winning the BIG Challenge 2015 and providing gains for biodiversity.
Considering climate change in the built environment
Climate change dominated the press in 2015, culminating in The Paris Climate Agreement in December. Making sense of the wide range of global, national and local policies and initiatives can be daunting. The need to minimise emissions from the constr
Faster, leaner, greener construction through offsite manufacturing skills
Rob Francis, Director of Industrialised Solutions at Skanska UK discusses offsite manufacturing skills and the opportunity for the industry to become faster, leaner and greener.
'Do one thing' for biodiversity for a healthier and more sustainable future
Jon Murcott, Breakthrough Community Enterprise/ Nationwide Forestry Solutions, and winner of the Maintenance and Management Award and Overall winner of the 2016 BIG Biodiversity Challenge Awards urges you to 'do one thing' for biodiversity...
Driving the Vision - a CIRIA synopsis
An overview and synopsis of key learning points from CIRIA's exclusive member event - 2025: Driving the Vision, by Owen Jenkins, Director, CIRIA.
Fit out environmental good practice on site
The construction industry is under increasing pressure to ensure its activities have reduced impact on the environment. This is as true for the fit-out sector as it is for other sectors. However, fit-out projects also face unique challenges; frequent
Technology for an urban future
Peter Madden OBE, CEO FutureCities Catapult blogs on the subject of CIRIA's annual debate - Cities - adaptation without mitigation is immoral.
Asbestos in soils: What does 2017 have in store?
Dr Richard Ogden (LQM) and Dr Paul Nathanail (LQM) discuss the latest initiatives and guidance relating to asbestos in soil and provide insight into what's in store for 2017.
Creating a legacy for habitat at Monks Brook
Linda Wilkinson, Environmental Adviser, Interserve discusses creating a legacy for habitat at Monks Brook and winning the Large Scale Permanent Award at the 2015 BIG Awards...
Connecting people and wildlife - have a go
Ian Boyd, Arc Consulting, winners of the BIG Challenge Small Scale Permanent Award 2015 blogs on connecting people and wildlife.
The future of cities matter
Ruth Hynes, Project Manager at CIRIA, provides a summary of CIRIA's recent annual debate on the future of sustainable cities.
Structural Health Monitoring in civil engineering
Peter Sparkes, AECOM Associate director and co-author of CIRIA guide C788 outlines the importance of monitoring as demands on our infrastructure increase and change.
Geophysics, why it is not new but still innovative?
Geophysics has been used in site investigation for many years. However it is still considered by many as a black art, as there are still misunderstandings around their application within the sector.
Working with wildlife at every stage of your development
Dr Rachel Saunders, Principal Ecologist, The Ecology Consultancy discusses the newly revised Working with Wildlife training from CIRIA
What is British Standard 6164?
Wayne Hose, business development manager, Pinssar outlines British Standard 6164 and what it means for the tunneling and construction industry.