Beach management for coastal defence

As we continue to mark CIRIA’s 60th anniversary, we will shine the spotlight on our heritage guidance that continues to be widely used across industry in this webinar series.

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CIRIA's 60th anniversary heritage guidance webinar series

Throughout the year we will revisit a number of our seminal publications.
Abandoned mine workings manual (2019)
Beach management manual (second edition) (2010)
The Rock manual (2007)
The International Levee handbook (2013)

The next installment of the webinar series will feature the Beach management manual (second edition) (C685) which CIRIA published in 2010.

In this webinar industry experts will:
outline beach management policy, planning and strategy;
share new tools and techniques in beach management including practical applications and good practice; and
provide case studies illustrating beach improvement schemes sharing data and experiences.

Climate change is causing rising sea levels, increasing the risk of coastal flooding and erosion, putting farmland, property, infrastructure and natural habitats at risk. Beaches play an important role either as the sole barriers to coastal flooding and erosion, or as part of manmade defences. 

Beach management in the UK has evolved significantly in design and execution, motivated by increased expenditure on capital schemes aided by guidance from CIRIA’s Beach management manual, circa 1996. Over time devolved administrations have developed plans and strategies for managing coastal flood risk to increase resilience and minimise damage.

Coastal practitioners need robust, practical guidance on how to manage beaches. The aim of CIRIA’s Beach management manual (second edition) (C685) is to address beach management and recognise its multiple functions. This represents a major shift from previous approaches that focused on engineering interventions to beaches.

The manual draws on existing management approaches and includes the latest information on state-of-art methods, guidance on beach monitoring and maintenance, evaluation of the state and performance of a beach, design, procurement, execution and the after-care of beach improvement schemes reflecting the wealth of experience gained since 1996.

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Why attend
Understand the impact and risks of coastal flooding and erosion
Learn about beach management policy, planning and strategy
Hear about progress on a number of important research projects
Earn valuable CPD

Who should attend
Beach managers
Specialist and non-specialist coastal engineers and designers including beach designers, modellers, structures and recharge 
Consulting engineers
Local authorities
Funding bodies
Regulatory bodies
Conservation bodies Academics and students

Tuesday 12 October 2021
10:30 – 12:15

10:30 Welcome and introduction
Jonathan Rogers, Sales Operations Leader, Jacobs
10:40 Overview of beach management: policy, planning and strategy
South Coast perspective Alan Frampton BSc C.Wem MCIWEM, Strategy & Policy Manager, Flood and
Coastal Erosion Risk Management, Transport and Engineering, BCP Council
North West perspective

Carl Green, Head of Engineering Services, Wyre Council

11:10 Shingle case study: Pevensey Bay Sea Defence 20 years on Ian Thomas, Project Manager, Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd
11:30 Sand case study: Anglia Lincshore Andrew Rouse, Project Team Manager, Environment Agency
11:50 Interactive discussion and Q&A

12:10 Closing remarks

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