The classification of wastes in construction projects

This lunch time webinar will explore a number of issues that waste classifiers sometimes overlook or get wrong. It will also demon-strate how some companies methodically assess their waste Products as hazardous non-hazardous and the challenges with SDS.

The construction industry generates some of the largest waste streams volumes in the UK. However this statement overlooks other smaller or/ related (but still significant) waste streams, that are not strictly soil and stones or C&D, that the industry also has to classify correctly. 

Similar issues are found with the disposal of the vast array of waste products such as expanding foam, adhesives, cement and sealants. Suppliers and manufacturers often provide out of date Safety Data Sheets (SDS) or non-REACH  compliant SDS (eg Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS) which are not fit for purpose. Manufactures, not understanding (considering?) the waste classification  step for the disposal of their products,  disguise their compositions by putting concentrations of substances in the product in ranges (eg 5-10%), not realizing that classifiers have to use the top end of these ranges which potentially makes a non-hazardous product a hazardous waste.

Why attend
This webinar will:

Look at the selection of List of waste codes such as
Drilling fluids
Asbestos in soils
Concrete in soils
A lawyer’s furore over list of waste code: “17 01 01 concrete” not being clear enough
When list of waste codes 17 05 04/03* shouldn’t be used

The challenges with assessing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) when disposing of waste products, including understanding 
- the difference between Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and SDS
- why you have to use the top end of the composition ranges
- why some safety date sheets might not be fit for purpose
- how you might compile and manage this catalogue of SDS classifications

13.00   Introduction
13.10   Waste classification - Ian Bishop, HazWasteOnline
13.50   Questions and discussion
14.20   Close

Who should attend
Contractors, consultants, Clients, LA and other regulators

Wednesday 8th July 2020
13:00 - 14:30

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