Control of cracking caused by deformation in concrete

This free lunchtime webinar will introduce CIRIA guide C766 intended to be Eurocode EC2 compliant throughout with regard to the properties of concrete and the design of reinforcement. It aims to give a method for checking that the reinforcement provided will be sufficient to control short term and long term cracking.

Cracking occurs when the tensile strain, arising from either restrained contraction or the strain differential within the concrete section, exceeds the tensile strain capacity of the concrete. Autogenous shrinkage also contributes to early contraction and drying shrinkage and annual temperature variations are added to early-age effects over the long term. Numerous factors influence the risk of early-age cracking.

This guide provides a method for estimating the magnitude of crack-inducing strain and the risk of cracking at both early-age and over the long term. Where cracking is predicted guidance is provided on the design of reinforcement to control crack widths. Measures are described to minimise the risk including selection of materials and mix design, planning pour sizes and construction sequence, the use of insulation to reduce thermal gradients, the use of movement joints, and cooling of the concrete either before placing or in situ.

The principal objective of the guide is to give a method for checking that the reinforcement provided will be sufficient to control early age cracking, while also being adequate for controlling cracks that may develop due to long-term deformations caused by temperature change and shrinkage.

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12:15    Webinar available to log on
12:30    CIRIA introduction 
12:35    Author presentations:

  • Phil Bamforth, Independent consultant
  • Derek Winsor, Mott MacDonald

13:15    Q&A
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24 February 2020
12.30 - 13.30

Who should attend?
Reinforced concrete designers and specifiers, concrete technologists and structural engineers

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24/02/2020 - 24/02/2020

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