Impact of environmental multi-hazards on infrastructure

This webinar will provide an overview to the relevancy of multi-hazards within the infrastructure industry, whilst covering past and ongoing research that identifies multi-hazard risks, assesses their impacts and develops solutions.


Environmental risk analysis is often undertaken and assessed on a hazard-by-hazard basis. However, interactions between environmental hazards can generate impacts that are different to, or greater than, the effects of individual hazards. These interactions between multiple hazards can include:

  • one hazard "triggering" another (e.g. rainfall and landslides)
  • the consequence of one hazard "amplifying" the potential impact of a subsequent one (e.g. rainfall ground saturation and subsequent flooding)
  • compound, "coincident" hazards (e.g. high temperature and drought leading to water shortages)

The programme will include a summary of a review recently undertaken by BGS on research and industry practice in respect of multi-hazards. It will also introduce ongoing work commissioned by CCC on climate change multi-hazards.

This event, organised as part of the NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure programme, will highlight two projects from the programme.

The Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme (ERIIP) is a five-year, £5m initiative, which is driven by the needs of the business community and decision-makers. It provides sound evidence for the identification and assessment of environmental risks and their impacts on infrastructure, translating the latest research into industry-relevant outputs.

More information including a database describing all 50 projects is available on CIRIAs site:

And NERCs site:

This event will showcase recent NERC ERIIP-funded projects that tackle multi-hazards and their effects on infrastructure.

Why attend

Attendees at this webinar will:

  • hear directly from the academics involved in ERIIP funded projects, and have an opportunity to ask questions about the projects
  • examine the impact funded projects have had on industry to date
  • have an opportunity to identify project outputs that may be transferable to their businesses
  • develop understanding of what academics are working on outside of the ERIIP programme.


10:00 Welcome and overview of the NERC ERIIP Programme 
          Dr Owen Jenkins, CIRIA

10:05 Industry perspective on multi-hazards
          Dr Hugo Winter, EDF Energy

10:20 Understanding climate change effect on risks within the natural
          and built environment, and infrastructure sectors 
          Dr Paul Munday, WSP

10:35 Review of environmental multi-hazards research and risk assessments 
          Dr Roxana L. Ciurean &  Dr Joel Gill, British Geological Survey

10:55 RV-DSS: An industry-friendly resilience-based interdependency assessment tool –
          Dr Donya Hajializadeh, University of Surrey &
          Dr Maryam Imani, Anglia Ruskin University

11:10 Combination Hazard of Extreme rainfall, storm Surge & high Tide
          on estuarine infrastructure (CHEST)
          Prof Tom Coulthard, University of Hull
11:25 Playing games to understand multiple hazards
          Prof Simon Tett, University of Edinburgh
11:40 Q&A

12:00 Close

Who should attend
Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Risks Engineer, Resilience Managers, Consultants

Wednesday 10th July 2019
10:00 - 11:45

Free for all to attend

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10/07/2019 - 10/07/2019

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