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ERIIP showcase - Coastal Hazards

A showcase of NERC-funded innovation projects that take the outcomes of existing research and translate these into industry-relevant information and tools to help UK infrastructure identify environmental risks, assess their impacts on infrastructure and develop solutions. This webinar will focus on the risks posed by coastal hazards.


Decision-makers are increasingly faced with the challenge of making our infrastructure resilient and mitigating the effects of extreme weather events and climate change. There is a wealth of data, knowledge and expertise in the UK research base which could address this challenge but this valuable resource is often difficult to access and requires translating to be more readily used.

The Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme is a five-year, £5m initiative, which will be driven by the needs of the business community and decision-makers. It will provide sound evidence for the identification and assessment of environmental risks and their impacts on infrastructure, translating the latest research into industry-relevant outputs.

More information on the programme is available here:

This event will showcase recent NERC ERIIP-funded projects that tackle coastal hazards and their effects on infrastructure.

Why Attend?

Attendees at this webinar will:

  • hear directly from the academics involved in ERIIP funded projects, and have an opportunity to ask questions about the projects
  • examine the impact funded projects have had on industry to date
  • have an opportunity to identify project outputs that may be transferable to their businesses
  • develop understanding of what academics are working on outside of the ERIIP programme


15:00 –             Welcome and overview of the NERC ERIIP Programme 
                        Dr Owen Jenkins, CIRIA

15:05                Industry perspective on coastal hazards

15:15                Assessing the risk to the coastal and rural road to network in Scotland
                        due to the effects of storms and extreme rainfall events
                        Dr Sue Dawson, University of Dundee

15:30               E-Rise: Earliest detection of sea-level rise accelerations to inform lead time
                       to upgrade/replace coastal flood defence infrastructure
                        Dr Ivan Haigh, University of Southampton

15:45              Synthesising Unprecedented Coastal Conditions:
                       Extreme Storm Surges (SUCCESS) 
                       Prof Kevin Horsburgh, National Oceanography Centre

16:00              Combination Hazard of Extreme rainfall, storm Surge & high Tide on
                       estuarine infrastructure (CHEST)
                       Prof Tom Coulthard, University of Hull

16:15              WireWall: A new approach to coastal wave hazard monitoring
                       Dr Jennifer Brown, National Oceanography Centre

16:30              Q&A

16:45              Close

Who should attend?

Asset Managers, Asset Owners, Risks Engineer, Resilience Managers, Consultants

26th September 2018
15:00 - 16:45

Free to attend

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