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Training for non-licensed work for asbestos in the ground

This course is aimed at ground workers and other site operatives who manage and disturb asbestos contaminated soil (ACS) directly as part of their work (including site investigation, ground investigation etc). The training will be counted as ‘additional training’ required for non-licensed work by  providing guidance in identification of asbestos contaminated materials and what to do with planned and unplanned discovery of asbestos on site.

Delegates must have received asbestos awareness training (preferably asbestos in soil in the past 6 months)

Asbestos is toxic and a class 1 carcinogen known to cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis and yet for many decades was widely used in concrete, roofs etc. in the UK.  Currently in the UK, about 5500 workers die of asbestos related disease every year. Poor disposal practices, demolition and other anthropogenic processes have resulted in asbestos often being present in the ground particularly on brownfield sites.

It is a legal requirement that anyone who will be expected to do work which will disturb asbestos must have a higher level of training above ‘awareness’.  This will include people carrying out sit/ground investigation, excavation on sites, etc if they are ‘reasonably foreseeable or knowing disturb soil contaminated with asbestos.

Why attend?
This workshop will explain :
  • How the site activities that could results in asbestos exposure and the importance of control measures
  • How to carry out ‘suitable and sufficient assessment of risk 
  • How identify asbestos contaminated materials
  • Safe work practice, hygiene and medical requirements control measures
  • Protective equipment  (including correct use, cleaning and maintenance of PPE and RPE)
  • Decontamination procedures (including use of decontamination facilities)
  • Waste handling procedures
  • how to decide whether your project is 'licensed, non-licenced or notifiable non-licenced work  and what you are your obligation accordingly and notification needed
  • Emergency procedures  - What to do with planned discovery of asbestos 
  • Record keeping 
9.30 Registration and refreshments

10:00 Introduction

10.20 How do know your work is licenced or non-licenced, your legal obligations and actions needed

10.50 Refreshments

11.20 How to carry out an appropriate Asbestos Risk Assessment? 
This module will go through the risk assessment process that needs to be followed if working on a site likely to have asbestos present. Documentation, control measures, emergency procedures and discuss the role of the Competent Person.

11.50 How to plan and implement control measures. 
  • Wetting down – based on HSG210/EM5 (how to do this as a practical – what training benefit does it contribute?)
  • Bunded areas for localised work, e.g. drilling, small trenches
  • What other control measures that can be replicated on a small scale?
12.20 Selection and use of PPR and RPE

12:50 Lunch

13.50 Decontamination  - personal, equipment and plant

14.20 Waste management 

14.50 Refreshments

15:10 Practical session
16:30 Summary and close
Cecilia McLeod and Jonathan Ford, WYG 

Who should attend?
Ground workers (including those doing general site work, site investigation for contaminated land and ground investigation),contractors including specialist contractors and consultants.

How much?
Free for LACL and BRMF members.
All other attendees £250+VAT

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