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The future of construction: the next 30 years

This is an exclusive members' only event. The event will feature a look forward from some of London's major project clients and a panel discussion on future trends, opportunities and challenges facing the industry


The construction industry is changing. Advances in digital engineering, BIM, materials and technology; the challenge of being a greener, more sustainable industry; diversifying and expanding skills, attracting talent and changing labour demands; the importance of resilience; the future of mega construction projects; innovating and the need to improve communication are just some of the challenges and opportunities facing our evolving industry.

How do we achieve this? and is this really what the future looks like? Join leading engineers and construction professionals as they present their thoughts on current trends/issues within construction and how these can be overcome with their vision for the future.

Our member only events are designed to offer great exclusive sessions and content and provide an opportunity for members to come together to share information, experience and network, and are free to employees of all member organisations. The Future of Construction will be presented and debated by leaders from the client, consultancy, academic and contractor disciplines, each offering a unique perspective on how the industry might look in 2050, introduced by a CIRIA overview on how the industry has changed over the last thirty years.

Why attend?

Delegates at this event will:
  • explore emerging construction technologies and trends
  • discuss the future of construction and what it will look like
  •  hear the latest news and activities from CIRIA
  • have an opportunity to network with other CIRIA members
15.00     CIRIA introduction 
            Dirk Vennix , CIRIA,   

15:20     Chair’s welcome
  Ann Bentley, Construction Leadership Council & Chairman of Rider Levett        Bucknall

15:25    London’s major projects: looking to the future
          Nicholas West, Head of Programme Management Office, TFL
          Roger Bailey, Asset Management Director, Tideway

15.55   The last 30 years in construction - through a CIRIA lens
            John Connaughton, University of Reading

16:05   Construction: the next 30 years
    • Tim Broyd, UCL & ICE President
    • Professor Linda Clarke, University of Westminster 
    • Neil Thompson, Atkins & Digital Build Britain
    • Jonathan Simm, HR Wallingford
16:50   Panel discussion and Q&A

17.20   Chair Summary

17.30   Networking drinks reception

18.30   Close

Who should attend?
All CIRIA members

25 September 2017
15.00 - 18.30

CIRIA Office
Griffin Court
15 Long Lane
London, EC1A 9PN

FREE CIRIA members event

If you are experiencing issues trying to register for this event please contact Patrick Williams on 020 7549 3300 or email [email protected]
CIRIA Office Griffin Court 15 Long Lane LONDON EC1A 9PN

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