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Asbestos from soil - quantitative risk assessment

This event will examine quantitative risk assessment for asbestos from soil.

Ticket information

This event is free to attend for LACL and BRMF members
This event costs £250 to attend for non-members

8 September 2015, 10am - 4.30pm (Registration from 9.30)

CIRIA is delighted to bring a unique programme of five advanced courses on asbestos in soil. The events are intended for those who want to deepen their working knowledge of the investigation, assessment and remediation of asbestos in soil and made ground.

Each of the events has a different programme and there will be no overlap between the days.

Asbestos is toxic and a class 1 carcinogen known to cause serious illnesses such as lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis and yet for many decades was widely used in concrete, roofs etc in the UK. Currently in the UK, 2,000 - 3,000 people die of asbestos related disease every year.

Previous focus of asbestos research and practice has dealt with the management of asbestos contamination within buildings. However results from thousands of investigations at contaminated sites across the UK have found that asbestos is frequently identified in made ground and there has been ambiguity in the approach to assessing the risk it poses.

This event, the fourth in the series will explore quantitative risk assessment and dose response.

The topic will be delivered by LQM and in association with IOM.

This event will explore:
  • how to plan for detailed quantitative risk assessment
  • the implementation of the assessment, including site, health and safety issues
  • the available approaches, their limitations and uncertainties
  • how dose relates to response for environmental exposure
  • other latest developments in the subject
Who should attend?
  • Clients / developers
  • Consultants
  • Contractors.
  • Laboratories
  • Waste management organsiations
  • Regulators
  • Local authorities

This course has a value of 5 hours towards your CPD. Certificates will be sent to delegates following completion.

09:30    Registration and Coffee

10:00    Welcome and Introduction

10:30    Generic quantitative risk assessment:
              - No UK thresholds
              - Dutch guidance and thresholds/processes
              - US superfund guidance
              - WA & NEPM guidance and thresholds/processes
              - Uncertainty, applicability and common issues

11:30    Tea/Coffee

12:00    Estimating cumulative exposures:
              - what is a cumulative exposure and how is it calculated from:
              - air monitoring data and its limitations
              - soil concentrations (summary, see Day 3)
              - ‘fibre release potential' measurements
              - including indoor and outdoor exposures
              - the importance of 'lines of evidence'

13:00    Lunch

14:00    Dose-response modelling
              - Available epidemiology
              - Hodgson and Darnton
              - Other models
              - Model availability and risk summary tables
              - Childhood correction factors
              - Applicability to low level exposure
              - Uncertainties

15:00    Tea/Coffee

15:30    How to interpret the results
              - approaches to uncertainty
              - sensitivity analysis
              - different legal contexts
              - what is an "acceptable" ELCR according to UK policy or the pubic?

16:00    Q&A Session and Debrief

16:30    Close

The day will highlight the lack of authoritative generic assessment criteria for asbestos in the UK and the limitations of adopting those generated in other jurisdictions. Subsequently, the process necessary to estimate the possible Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk (ELCR) associated with asbestos-containing soils will be examined, including:
  • The data requirements and process needed to estimate cumulative exposures
  • The epidemiological basis for existing exposure-risk models, such as that by Hodgson and Darnton
  • The limitations and uncertainties in using such models at low levels of exposure
  • How such an assessment can be interpreted under different legal contexts
  • The risk communication challenge this may pose
Griffin Court
15 Long Lane
London EC1A 9PN

If you are unable to book online, please contact Patrick Williams on 0207 549 33080207 549 3308 or return the booking form by post or fax.
CIRIA Griffin Court 15 Long Lane LONDON EC1A 9PN

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