Forthcoming CIRIA events

We’re delighted to announce we have doubled every members' allocation to online events, further supporting you in building capacity and knowledge within your teams.

Large member organisations - 12 free places      Medium member organisations - 8 free places
Small member organisations - 4 free places       Micro member organisations - 2 free places

If you’re not sure what size member your organisation is do get in touch and we will let you know.
Please do continue to book online in the normal way and if your allocation is exceeded, we will notify you.
Begin DateTitleDescriptionCityEvent Type
10/03/2021The new age of construction: technology as an enablerJoin us for this virtual conference to discover how advancements in technology are boosting productivity, streamlining construction processes, generating data to inform strategic decisions and supporting whole-life performance....Virtual conferenceNTWK
18/03/2021Delivering effective property flood resilienceThis webinar will explain the contribution property flood resilience (PFR) can make to flood risk management and how the introduction of the Code of practice for PFR can help provide greater confidence in its delivery....WebinarPROJ
23/03/2021The challenges around professional indemnity insurance (PII)This webinar will address some of the challenges associated with professional indemnity insurance (PII) and improve the understanding of how PII policies are developed to help mitigate risk in the construction sector....WebinarCOP
25/03/2021Construction over abandoned mine workingsAs we continue to mark CIRIA’s 60th anniversary, we will shine the spotlight on our heritage guidance that continues to be widely used across industry in this webinar series....WebinarNTWK
30/03/2021Impacts of construction-induced ground movement on buildingsJoin us for the launch of CIRIA’s new guidance to enable those with a role in managing construction impact from ground movement to better understand the impact and good practice mitigation strategies....WebinarPROJ
22/04/2021Supporting local authorities in managing asbestos in soilThis webinar for LACL members will address the main concerns and challenges posed by asbestos in soil that local authorities are grappling with, and identify areas where more research and clarity is needed....WebinarLACL
26/04/2021How to make the most of your membershipJoin this lunchtime webinar to learn how to make the most of your CIRIA membership and access a wealth of knowledge and good practice from across the construction industry....WebinarNTWK
28/04/2021Marine spatial planning - an EMSAGG webinarAn introduction into marine spatial planning in relation to sand and gravel across parts of Europe, featuring speakers well-recognised in the marine aggregate and geology industry. Supported by the European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG)....WebinarEM