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CIRIA’s Advisory Panels comprise elected Members with a three year term of office. Nominations for vacancies are sought from nominated representatives in November each year. There are four Advisory Panels covering:

  • Process and Building Construction Technology Panel
  • Ground Engineering
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Water

Process and Building Construction Technology Panel

This Advisory Panel is concerned with building, civil engineering and construction process and technology as a whole. The range of research projects cover:

  •  the theory and practice of design
  •  (above-ground) construction
  •  in-service performance of buildings and other civil engineering structures
  •  materials technology and application
  •  maintenance and refurbishment techniques
  •  client role and responsibilities
  •  project procurement
  •  legal and contractual issues
  •  health and safety
  •  project communications
  •  IT
  •  quality management in construction
  •  design processes
  •  construction economics
  •  property management

Water Panel
This Advisory Panel is concerned with all aspects of the water environment. The Panel’s aim is to improve the understanding and practice of water engineering and management through projects, publications and workshops covering technical, legal, administrative and environmental issues. Themes include:

  • urban drainage
  • coastal and marine engineering
  • rivers and waterways
  • dams and reservoirs
  • water treatment
  • water supply
  • flood risk management
  • ports and harbours.

This Panel works closely with UK water operators, regulators and local and national government.

Ground Engineering Panel


This Advisory Panel seeks to advance the knowledge and practice of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering and underground construction, through projects concerned with:

  • the character and behaviour of the ground
  • the physical characteristics of soils and rocks
  • foundations and other temporary and permanent structures within the ground
  • earth and rock materials
  • the performance of structures in relation to the ground
  • the effects of changing environments remediating ground contamination
  • improving contract practices in ground engineering activities.

The Panel is also leading CIRIA’s work on railway engineering and associated topics.

Environment and Sustainability Panel

This Advisory Panel provides a focus for CIRIA’s work on crosscutting environmental and sustainable construction issues with an emphasis on:

  • environmental management
  • contaminated land
  • waste minimisation and resource use
  • broader studies concerning the industry’s awareness and response to environmental and sustainability issues. 

To express your interest in joining a CIRIA panel, or to nominate a colleague, please email [email protected].