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Forthcoming titles

Lessons from incidents at dams and reservoirs – an engineering guide (SP167)
This guide provides
  • a historical overview of the subject
  • a brief introduction to the various types of serious incident
  • classification and analysis of the modes of failure
  • descriptions of over 100 British incidents and failures
  • information on 20 overseas incidents

Design for movement in buildings (C734)
This publication provides an overview of designing for movement in buildings, as well as guidance for the concept or preliminary design stage. It explains the importance of considering movement in the early stages of design.

Good practice on the testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gases (C735)
This publication provides good practice guidance for the designer, installer, verifier and regulator on the verification and integrity testing of gas protection systems. It sets out a flexible, risk based and practicable framework that can be adapted to provide sitespecific advice on the need for and scope of verification activities (including any integrity testing). Pre-release offer price: £50 member / £100 non member (usual price: £60 / £120). Offer ends 27 June 2014.