Tax charges

For orders made from within the UK, VAT will be charged at the appropriate rate on all relevant purchases. UK VAT on books and digital publications is currently set at zero rated and therefore VAT is 0% not charged. Other items such as training packs and CD-Roms are charged at the standard rate which is currently 20%. For If you are based in an EU member state and you are purchasing a digital product (training, events, downloads) you need to provide your VAT number as without this we are unable to progress your order. Please contact customer services if you require help with this. Orders made for delivery to a business outside the UK to an EU country (other than the UK) are exempt from UK VAT so VAT will not be charged you have provided us with your current VAT registration number in the country of delivery. If you have not provided or do not have a VAT registration number, VAT will be charged on all items at the applicable UK rate VAT does not apply to purchases made for delivery outside the European Union and where If VAT charges appear you should click the exempt button, so VAT is not charged. to reduce VAT to zero. If you are an EU based customer purchasing a publication, training pack or CD Rom from CIRIA, please note for your declaration of origin statement, these have been produced in the UK.