Research by topic: Regeneration and contaminated land

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Projects underway

The UXO Forum
This project has been designed to bring real change to the industry through a series of events and other tools.
Innovative site investigation hub
This project will keep contaminated land practitioners, regulators and other stakeholders up-to-date with latest development, understand the benefits and limitations, theory and practical, safe and cost effective application of these new approaches
A site guide for managing ground gasses
This project will produce a site guide which will explain why the risk management approach is appropriate for the site and how to look after the protection measures after they have been installed and verified e.g. to ensure follow on trade and other
Sustainable management of surplus soils and aggregates
This project looks to develop an interactive document which will look at the site activity in question, contain useful information and highlight areas of common mistakes/confusion.
Community of practice - Sustainable management of soil
This project will create a community of practice which will undertake a number of activities to support long term good practice in the sustainable management of soil.

Project proposals

P3131 - Perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) in soil and water environments
This project will produce guidance to improve awareness and understanding of PFAS and legislations, helping practitioners to understand their responsibilities and liabilities as well as support them in managing risk.
P3266 - A good practice guide for managing changing climate and contaminated land projects
This project will produce guidance that focuses on the effects of climate change on soil or land contamination practice.
P3202 - Good practice on the use of geophysics in site investigation
Practitioners need to keep up to date with the latest developments, and clients look for case studies that will allow them to have confidence in the geophysics techniques that are and can be useful (if so which ones) for their projects and meet thei
P3190 eTraining for hazardous ground gas
Hazardous ground gases is a major problems to many brownfield sites. However it is probably an area where there are many guidance and training available.
P3254 - A client’s guide for managing ground gases in modular buildings
This project will produce a short guide highlighting: how ground gas will affect the design and construction of foundation, drainage and other underground structures in modular buildings.
P3177 Extreme climate incidents and contaminated land interest group
The question is ‘Will extreme climate incidents have any impact on the way that we currently reuse brownfield sites particularly those that are contaminated?’